KaspersKorner / Kaspers Certified Automotive Repair Of New Jersey | Customers Photo Gallery
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KaspersKorner / Kaspers Certified Automotive Repair Of New Jersey | Customers Photo Gallery

Photo galleries of our work performed on various customers vehicles, from custom exhaust to tires, wheels, and basic automotive repair services

At Kaspers Certified Automotive / Kaspers Korner; we're proud to show off our workplace, work performed on customers cars from everyday maintenance to hi performance exhaust, mufflers, and custom exhaust work. Since we have a new website, we'll be adding images in a sectioned "Slideshow" mode featuring the popular "lytebox style gallery". From our oldest work to newest as we progress, you'll find all kinds of customers normal, performance and wheels and tires being installed, mounted and balanced, with indoor and outdoor shop pics and updated images of Kaspers Certified Automotive.

Browse down and see the various beginnings to the photo gallery as it takes shape, all images open to a larger version with captions.

Customers Work From 2011, Engine, Transmission, Diagnostics, Wheels, Tires, Exhaust And Performance

customers-mounted-40-inch-tires-rims customers-mounted-40-inch-tires-rims3-4x4-truck customers-mounted-40-inch-tires-rims3-4x4-truck3 customers-mounted-40-inch-tires-rims3-4x4-truck2 customers-mounted-40-inch-tires-rims2

customers-custom-exhaust-4x4-truck3 auto-shop-tour-customers-cars-custom-ford-truck customers-custom-exhaust-4x4-truck1 customers-custom-exhaust-4x4-truck2

auto-shop-tour-customers-cars-custom-ford-cobra2 auto-shop-tour-customers-cars-custom-ford-cobra3 auto-shop-tour-customers-cars-custom-ford-cobra

customers-car-mustang customers-car-mustang3 customers-car-mustang2 shop-work-county-truck-service2 shop-work-county-truck-service3

shop-work-county-truck-service4 shop-work-county-truck-service5 shop-work-county-truck-service6 shop-work-county-truck-service

More Photos Coming Soon !!

Kaspers Certified Automotive Shop Tour Photos, Inside The Shop With The Team

custom-built-headers-kaspers auto-shop-tour-customers-cars-cadillac customers-cars-4-wheel-alignment2 customers-cars-4-wheel-alignment3 customers-cars-4-wheel-alignment-race-car

customers-cars-4-wheel-alignment f-body-rear-suspension-customers-cars performance-automotive-outlaw-10-5-mustangs2 performance-automotive-outlaw-10-5-mustangs customers-drag-racing-mustang-shop-tour

kaspers-certified-auto-repair-shop kaspers-certified-auto-repair-shop3 kaspers-certified-auto-repair-shop4 kaspers-certified-auto-repair-shop5 kaspers-certified-auto-repair-shop

More Photos Coming Soon !!

Early Customers Performance Work, Custom Exhaust's And Nitrous Installation

cat-back-exhaust custom-corvette-exhaust2 custom-corvette-exhaust custom-exhaust-repair custom-exhaust

custom-exhaust-x-pipe2 custom-exhaust-x-pipe dual-exhaust-on-truck2 dual-exhaust-on-truck dual-exhaust

performance-exhaust2 performance-exhaust3 performance-exhaust nitrous-installation-on-dodge-viper nitrous-installation-on-dodge-viper3

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Recommended Automotive Services In New Jersey By Kaspers Korner | Kaspers Certified Automotive Repair & Performance

  • 30,000/60,000/90,000 mile services and all interval services as recommended in your car owner's manual
  • Automotive Seasonal Specials
  • Brake system service and repair
  • Hi Performance mufflers and exhausts
  • Oil and filter changes
  • Performance Parts And Installations
  • Custom Auto and Truck Accessories
  • Custom Wheels And Tires
  • Computerized wheel alignment, both 2 and 4 wheel drive
  • Computerized wheel balance for all wheels and tires including high-end and high performance
  • Fan belts
  • Batteries
  • Metal Carports And Garage Sales
  • Machine Shop Services
  • New And Used Auto Parts
  • Transmission services, both manual and automatic
  • Tune-ups
  • Shocks and struts
  • Suspensions and axles
  • Timing belts and chains
  • Starters and alternators
  • Clutches
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Fuel injection services
  • Electrical problem diagnostic and repair
  • Cooling system service and repair
  • Air conditioning and heater service and repair
  • Engine service and repair
  • Check Engine Light diagnostic and repair
  • Radiators

Contacts And Information

50 College Drive.
Clementon N.J. 08021

Phone | Fax | E-Mail:
Phone ~ 856-309-9500
Fax ~ 856-309-9505
[email protected]

Hours Of Operation:
Monday Through Friday 8:30AM to 5:30PM
Saturday and Sunday Closed

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